Macbook Water Damage Repair

Unsure what the fault of your device is?

Booking an Inspection?

1- Book Phone, PC, Tablet or Game Consolses for repair
2- Book Appt for Repair/Pickup
(we will be in contact, after booking repair)

Device Inspection

Full Inspection - Full Diagnostics

Water Damage Inspection

Water Damage Testing/Diagnostics




Inspection Fee?, Process...

We charge for Inspection (TechTeam complete a full insp.) We then contact you regarding the quote for repair /extent of damage. 

- IF YOU REPAIR: We subtract Inspection Fee from the repair costs.
- IF YOU CANCEL, NO REPAIR: Inspection Fee has to be paid, as the TechTeam have Inspected Device/Service Charge.

Inspection Time/Completion?

 The TechTeam will ensure they update you via the text system with updates. Sometimes there can be delays as it is Water Damage, which means they have to carefully inspect all parts of the device, run tests, replace and test...

To ensure there is No Moisture Damage TechTeam require more time to complete further inspection/testing. 

- Depending on the extent of the Water Damage, for e.g. Fell in the bath: Their can be delays due to severity of the water intake in the internal parts of the device -