About us:

Who are we?

- We are a Device Support Company which has highly trained Engineers which can assist you with any Phone, Tablet or Computer issue. Some of the Device Support Services we offer are: 1-1 Tutorials, Data Transfer, Backup and Cloud Setup, Music Download Tutorials....

We also offer Home Service which means, you book your Device Support Services and our engineer will visit you in your wanted location. We also have our Luxury Modern offices in Hampton Hill which we welcome you to when you book a Device Support Services (Store Service).

How experienced are we?

- More then 10 years of Samsung Experience means our Engineers will not hesitate to give you help & support due to the fact that they know Samsung Device's top to bottom! 

- We also have Engineers which hold 5 years of Apple Experience which means any Apple customer we have will experience high level expertise support given to them.

What services we provide?

- We provide Store Service which means: Book appointment by *call or *book online & visit us on the day. We also offer Home Service which means: Book appointment by *call or *book online & we will come to you and provide our high level Support. 

*Call us on: 07539 795764

*Book online at: Phonesupportcentre.uk/bookonline 

-We would also like to remind you that we can arrange appointments at local Cafe's as well as Home or Store.

Other Services we Provide

- We also repair smartphones & tablets with official Company parts or we send them to Authorised Repair Centre's. *We aim to get the repair's complete Next day.

* Depending on stock availability 

Other Services:

- Bulk Sales (Smartphone Accessories)

- Bulk Sales (Smartphone Chargers)

- Smartphone Repair 

- High Range Handset Sales (Guaranteed cheap price)

- Phone Support/Care Packages (Customer purposes)


  • We will complete a partial refund if you are not satisfied with the service provided. Our aim is to solve any issues and make our customer's happy.

  • Our Phone, Tablet and PC Support Services comes with Special Trained Engineer's, some with years of experiences means you will have the best service provided!